Do you always feel that you need to buy the latest televisions, mobile phones and computers? Do you always feel that if you don't update people about your life on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat no one will care about you? Do you always feel that you need to have the trendiest clothes, cars and homes? If you've answered yes to any of the above, don't worry you're not alone. Last week I invited you to take up my 'Living With Less Challenge' in a bid to assist you living a minimalist life. Each week I'll be focusing on the followings area in your life by providing step by step advice on how you can live with less: Wardrobe, Home and Technology.

As I said last week, well all know deep down we don’t need these ‘things’ in our lives I mentioned above – they don’t make us happier. They might put a smile on our face in the short term, but in the long term we soon forget about them and replace them with other ‘things’. It’s a never-ending cycle that has us wanting more, more and more. By taking up my challenge you'll be on your way to finding true happiness in living with less. In case you missed Week One: Wardrobe, make sure you read this first before moving onto Week Two: Home.

WEEK TWO: HOME Well done! You have now transformed your wardrobe from a cluttered, chaotic mess into a functional, minimal space. Getting dressed should be a lot easier now! You could go even further by colour coordinating your clothing - something I swear by, but I'll leave that up to you.

The next area I want you to focus on is your home. Firstly, I want you to walk into every room in your house and write down which areas need attention. Is it your kitchen? Your living room? Your bedroom? Your bathroom?

If it's your kitchen, my first task for you to is pull out all of your pots, pans, plates, glassware, cutlery, utensils and cooking equipment, such as mixers, juicers and blenders. Do you have any repeat offenders? If so, put your oldest double up's aside for charity. Do you really need three sets of plates and five sets of cutlery? No. Absolutely not. I encourage an every day set and a special occasion set - but that's it. Do you really need 24 different tea cups and saucers? No. Absolutely not. Usually six to eight sets is sufficient. And no, you don't need three knife sets, two pairs of tongs and two blenders. One of everything is how you start living a minimalist life.

If it's your living room, my first task for you is to take any cushions and throws off your couch. Take a step back and only put two to four cushions on the couch, put the rest aside to give to charity. You also only need one to two throws on the couch. Not four or five. Got any DVDs collecting dust? A DVD player that no longer works? Look at your coffee table, are there piles of magazines and books collecting dust? If so - throw them out if you haven't read them in the last month. The same applies with the DVDs. If you can't bear to part with your collection, pack them neatly in a box and put them in storage for three months and set a reminder in your phone or calendar. If you forget about them by the time your reminder sets off, throw it all out.

If it's your bedroom, my first task for you is to clear your your drawers, shelves and anything from underneath your bed. Using my tips in Week One, split your items into three piles - items you want to keep, items you are undecided about and items you don’t want to keep. For the items you want to keep, store them neatly away. For the items you're unsure about, give them to charity. There is a reason why you're unsure and that's the very essence of being a minimalist - cut your losses and throw it out, or give it to charity. Clutter underneath your bed is very bad for your feng shui, as it sleeping under a window with your feet facing the bedroom door. Make sure your bedhead is supported by a solid wall, keep your bed away from technology distractions like laptops and mobile phones, and avoid negative energy by ensuring your mirror doesn't face your bed. Forget about water features or pictures of water in your room, these could invite possible financial loss or robbery. But do put one or two plants in your bedroom - a Peace Lily is one of my favourite, hardy indoor varieties and they are perfect for cleaning the oxygen in your room.

If it's your bathroom, my first task is for you to clear your shower and bath of unused products, take everything out of your drawers and throw away any products you haven't used in the last month. Be ruthless. If you're not using it now, you won't be using it tomorrow, or the following week, or the next month for that matter. In the shower you only need shampoo, conditioner, a natural body wash, razor and scrubbing gloves. Nothing else. Consider buying a couple of potted plants for your bathroom to help purify the oxygen, such as a Bird of Paradise or Peace Lily.


Best of luck with your second week of the Living With Less Challenge! I’d love to hear how you're going with the challenge, so please feel free to leave a comment below. If you're ready for Week Three: Living With Less Challenge, Your Technology - click here