Travelling is one of life’s great adventures. It opens your eyes to new cultures and adventures. And with travel comes the adventures of trying new and exciting foods. But how can we make sure you don’t overindulge on your holidays? No worries! I’ve teamed up with health expert Dani Stevens who generously shares her quick and easy top four healthy travel tips for staying healthy whilst holidaying. Take it away Dani! STAY HYDRATED Stay hydrated is essential when travelling, especially when you’re on the plane. It keeps those nasty bugs out of our systems – and the last thing you want is to be sick on holidays! So mix it up with some herbal teas, coconut water or just stick to your eight glasses of water per day. We want to flush all the bad stuff out of our body, and water is liquid gold when it comes to travel.

STAY ACTIVE Always find 15 minutes in your day to do some type of workout. I know we typically are on foot while we travel so walking is ideal. My family and friends love to surf too, which is great activity whilst on a beachside holiday. So keep active with the various local activities that are available for you to burn some calories. Just be on the move and if you are somewhere remote with not many activities around you, try doing a few workout moves with me.

BUY FRESH Buy fresh produce whenever you can. Pack it in the car or your backpack when you travel. I know we often go out for dinner to cafes and restaurants on holidays, so stick to the “fresh is best” rule on the menu. There are loads of lovely and delicious healthy foods available to be discovered on your travels. However if you’ll be travelling remotely or in between towns and won’t have access to healthy venues, pack a healthy box of take away foods. Include nuts, canned legumes, crackers and loads of vegetables too. You could also try a version of my rocket salads, depending what produce you have on hand.

KEEP IT REAL It’s so important that whilst you’re staying fit and healthy, that you don’t forget to enjoy your holiday as well! So keep it real and enjoy your getaway. Allow yourself some indulgences, whatever they may be, just not every day. Try every second or third day. Okay?

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