From the camping underneath the stars in the Utah Desert to exploring Yellowstone National Park - our resident global contributor from the States, Jessica from Bon Traveler has certainly been keeping her suitcase packed and busy! For her latest blog post for Mister Weekender, she takes us to Jackson Hole and gives us ten reasons why we'll fall in love with this winter wonderland. In fact, within seconds Jessica has me reaching for my ski gear and wishing it was snowing outside. Take it away Jessica! Jackson-Hole-Mister-Weekender

There is no shortage of snow in Wyoming, and when it comes to the ultimate destination for winter, Jackson Hole is at the top of my list. Imagine powder days, perfect après-ski activities, and the ultimate adventure. Having gone to Jackson Hole this past month, I can see why devoted visitors come back time and time again.

The air is crisp, the snow was plentiful, and the scenes were like out of a movie. So here are 10 reasons you’ll fall in love with Jackson Hole during winter.

1. Grand Teton National Park If you go all the way to Jackson Hole for the Grand Tetons, it is completely worth it. These jagged peaks shoot out over the valley, and create mouth-watering views. You could spend hours just driving through the park, taking in the scenery.

2. Dogsledding Besides the landscape being one of the purest for nature, an opportunity to dogsled is one of a kind. This highlight should be at the top of your list when going to visit Jackson Hole. Just remember to book far in advance.

3. Easily Accessible A big misconception of Jackson Hole has often been it’s difficult to get too. Now with multiple direct flights out of major cities in the States with commercial carriers, it is more accessible then ever. A fun fact to note is that it’s the only commercial airport in a U.S. National Park!

4. Wildlife This aspect of Wyoming always has me returning as often as possible - the ability to see animals in their respective landscape. No cages, no thrills, just incredible wildlife like elk, moose, bison, and more all right there in front of you.

5. Yellowstone National Park Only a short hour and half drive, you can experience one of the greatest national parks covered in snow. By way of snowmobiles, a full days adventure awaits to see the incredible geothermal activity and landscapes.

6. Friendliest Welcome The small town atmosphere is something I adore the most of Jackson Hole. The people are ever so friendly and everyone has a story or two to share about their wild adventures.

7. Top cuisine You could spend a few weeks there and never run out of quality food. Many of the local restaurants are focused on using ingredients sourced right out of their backyard, with a touch of farm to table.

8. Snowshoeing For those who don’t want to downhill ski, the opportunity to take it to the trails via snowshoeing is plentiful. With tons of acreage, the peaceful setting of nature awaits.

9. Boutique shopping When you’re not on the slopes or out adventuring, the downtown is rich in opportunity for picking up a few goodies at the loveliest boutique shops.

10. The mountain itself With 2,500 acres of in-bound terrain available to ride, this top ski resort is a gem you can’t miss. The terrain is challenging, perfectly groomed, and always full of adventure. Be sure to ride the tram to the top to see the most incredible views over Jackson Hole.

+ Be sure to contact Jackson Hole Central Reservations as these local experts can put together a killer trip for you.


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