Welcome to finding out my 5 secrets to Instagram success! We are now up to our third tutorial in this mini series. If you have missed the first two tutorials, you need to go back and finish those first before continuing. You can check them out here - Tutorial 1: Choose A Topic You Are Passionate About, and Tutorial 2: Find Your Niche and Own It.

If you have completed the first two tutorials, by now you should have chosen a topic you are passionate about and a niche, which you will own and become known for. Now it's time to find and know your purpose.


I’ve seen a lot of accounts on Instagram that don’t have a purpose and struggle to create an engaged community. It’s all about giving your community something to value. Whether its tips, advice, inspiration or products, knowing your purpose and adding value is essential.

As an example, my purpose is to inspire my community to live an outdoors lifestyle and I add value by linking posts on Instagram back to my blog where I create travel guides and tutorials, as well as tips, advice, cheat sheets and more. I know I have done a good job when people comment on my Instagram photos by tagging their friends, or telling me the destination I posted about is on their bucket list.

So how do you know what your purpose is on Instagram?

It's simple. All you need to do is ask yourself, "how can I add value and give back to my community?" Write down creative ways in which you can share your gifts of knowledge with your community. Now implement this each time you post. Additionally, ask your community what they want to see more of. This is a great way to define your purpose and become known for your 'something'.

Next up? Selecting your content pillars, and how to do this. Coming soon!