I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t love plants. I love them so much I am considering studying landscape architecture because, why not? They are everywhere in my home and studio. I have so many that I often can’t find Jason in our apartment. But why do I love them so much? They look gorgeous, they have air purifying qualities and I have noticed they improve my workflow. Because I work from home in my studio most days, having plants in place of colleagues has been really important. Seriously! I believe in the power of sending plants good vibes because what you give out, you get back. I say hi to my plants every day, and I chat to them when its water day.

I have written previously about how the power of indoor plants can stylishly transform your bedroom on a budget, and I have given my tips on how to create the perfect workspace, of which one of the tips is to add greenery – of course. In fact, my love of plants transcends to Pinterest where my most followed board is Indoor Plants, so I know you’re all with me in this community of plant lovers. So whether you’re a creative or a teacher, an artist or a blogger, a banker or a PR professional, I think it’s important to discuss how plants can improve your workflow. Read on for my tips. I bet you’ll be running down to your local garden nursery on the weekend to stock up...!


KNOW YOUR PLANT VARITIES Basically speaking there are two types of plants – outdoor and indoor. For this blog post, I am going to talk about indoor plants. These are often very hardy, don’t need a lot of attention, prefer dry feet and don’t need direct sunlight all day – this is a particularly huge bonus for those of us who suffer from a black thumb. So what are the best indoor plants? I personally love and have in my home Zanzibar Gem (these guys barely need any watering!), Peace Lillies, Bird of paradise, Chain of Heart, Ferns, Fiddle Leafs and Rubber plants. They are all gorgeous, offer different hues of green which I think is important for texture, they are very loyal, they remind me if they need watering because their leaves will start to flop, and they look great in every space.

FLOURISH YOUR WORKSPACE The fastest and most effective way to find out how plants can improve your workflow and productivity, is to buy some. The good news here is that you don’t have to have a big budget. Yay! In Australia, I like to get my plants from wholesalers at local growers markets on the Sunshine Coast, Bunnings and on the side of the highway (yes, busted). What I love most about plants in a working environment is that they help to create a feeling of serenity and calmness, which makes me want to spend more time in that space. The happier I am in my workspace, the more productive I tend to be. They also improve the look and feel of a workspace and lift my mood.

IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH Far from just being a nice ambient touch, plants can help improve air quality and purity. They also assist in filtering noise by reducing the acoustics of a space, they decrease room temperature which is perfect for those who ten to overuse air conditioning in the summer months (guilty as charged!), and they lower humidity, which I am cllllll about because no one likes to sweat when they work. As I mentioned earlier, indoor plants have been proven to reduce stress levels, which is the number one factor for many illnesses. And they have shown to lessen blood pressure and increase positive, happy feelings. Hurrah!

Have you found plants improve your workflow? What indoor plants do you have in your space?