Splurging on holidays is an all too familiar situation. Its no wonder we find ourselves splashing the cash after months of saving. Although, there is nothing worse than finding out a few days into your month long trip that you’ve already spent most of your money. Not ideal. So how to we avoid spending too much on our travels? How do we budget to make sure we stretch our cash? Below are a few of my tips that should help keep your cash and cards in your wallet for a little longer. And trust me, your bank balance will be thanking me. Be flexible with flights Flights are more expensive when they depart on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Depart on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, and you’ll save bucket loads.

Take free tours Tours can get expensive so why not investigate free tours? If you’re in New York use Big Apple Greeters, if you’re in Paris use Paris Greeters. In London, entrance into Tate and other museums is free.

Use public transport wisely Bus and train tickets in Europe are up to 50% cheaper when you book two or more weeks in advance and are easily purchased online. Additionally, if you’re planning on exploring a city for a few days, consider a bus or rail pass for that time instead of paying for tickets per trip.

Cook for yourself Dining out three times a day on your travels can get really expensive. Save money on meals by booking a self serviced hotel room – aka with a kitchen. Live like a local, buy groceries, pack a daily lunch and cook for yourself. Alternatively, if your hotel booking includes breakfast I would suggest filling up, snacking lightly through the day and eating your next big meal at dinner.

Withdrawing cash Every time you withdraw cash from an ATM, your bank charges a hefty fee. Avoid this by withdrawing more cash but less often.

Walk around The best way to explore a new destination and to save money is to walk. Don’t jump on a bus or train, don’t hail a taxi; grab a bottle of water and discover the ins and outs of a city by foot.

Enjoy local produce Food and drinks are a lot cheaper if they are produced locally. So if you feel like a beer or coffee, ask for the local variety. You’ll be surprised how much cheaper it is.

Talk to locals Some of the best experiences I’ve had was by talking with the locals and finding out where the best places to eat, drink and shop are, and by default I’ve ended up saving a tonne.

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