If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know I am off to Alice Springs and Uluru for a weekender over Easter. Cue: "What in the world am I going to pack?" I've spoken to a few friends about packing for the outback and it seems 'cargo pants' keep cropping up. Oh gawd! So now my wardrobe meets my suitcase. Where to begin... Knowing how to pack for the outback is tricky because you don't want to overpack, or not pack enough. Plus it's very warm during the day but the temperature drops dramatically at night, so there is a delicate balance between packing summer and winter gear. So below is the very method I use to help me pack for the outback.

1. Write a list: Write a list a couple of weeks before your trip. As the departure date gets close, my list of packing essentials has been slowly building so I have been editing this down to ensure I don't over pack or bring anything with me I won't need. There is nothing more satisfying as a regular traveller than having a tightly edited packing list.

2. Know where you're going: Travelling outback requires some essential items so I have spent the last couple of weeks doing my research. The main essentials include hiking boots, sneakers for the camp site, cotton tee shirts and long sleeved shirts, a warm jacket, light and comfortable pants/shorts/skirt, a wide brim hat, a torch and sunscreen, as well as warm clothes and a beanie to sleep in when the temperature drops at night.

3. Packing light: I am actually doing a three day tour of Uluru and the surrounds, so even though the tour takes care of my luggage whilst I am trekking through the red desert, I certainly don't want to be the one with the largest and heaviest suitcase. With this in mind I have planned my outfits by day/night ensuring my trusty weekender packing ethos of "less is more" is followed. Once everything is set aside, I put everything out on my bed so I can visualise everything. This allowed me to pull a few items which won't need to come along with me. And as I won't have an iron whilst camping in my swag under the stars, I will roll my clothes into my suitcase to avoid excessive wrinkling.

4. Shoes, shoes, shoes: The bane of this trip I tell you! I recently bought some hiking boots, woo hoo! I know the red desert sand is unforgiving so I have bought a pair of sneakers which I know can get messy and dirty for the camp site. I have also packed a pair of sandals for walking around Alice Springs.

5. Travel essentials: My travel essentials always include ear plugs, an eye mask, my Canon SLR 70D, iPhone and headset, chargers, sunglasses and a good book. Without fail. And lucky there is somewhere for me to charge my mobile on each night of the Uluru tour. Phew! Got to keep you guys updated on my adventure via Instagram.

6. Check the weather: Done. The forecast is sunny and hot. It is the desert after all so I doubt I will need to make any last minute changes unless the weather drastically cools down.

7. Keep make up minimal: Even in the outback, I'd like to feel fresh and clean. However I will be keeping the beauty regime very minimal by only taking a good facial moisturiser with SPF and a light foundation. And perfume free face wipes, always.

8. Take those toiletries: I very rarely use a hair dryer as I don't think the heat is good for anyone's hair. Instead I wash my hair in the mornings, comb it and let my hair air dry. So not having a hair dryer on the Uluru tour will not bother me in the slightest. I will however pack shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.



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