Getting a creative start up off the ground is not easy, it’s hard work but if you’re doing what you love, then it won’t feel like work – hurrah! For my latest blog post series, I’ve been looking at start ups for creatives and providing lots of tips and advice for setting up your business and managing your day to day. If you’re arriving at this blog post series for the first time, make sure your read this blog post first and then this one. For my third and final installment in this series, I am going to be sharing my thoughts on how to maintain your business. Read on to find out how! INVEST IN YOURSELF The first thing you need to do to ensure you maintain your business is to invest in yourself. Attend courses, get a great space, skill up and continuously learn.

GET A COACH & A MENTOR The key to having a successful creative business is to surround yourself with likeminded people. Get a coach (they will change your life) and ask someone you admire to be your mentor. Meet with them monthly to chat about your business and get advice on how you can keep growing.

COLLABORATE There are two types of collaborations and I think every creative should do at least once and hopefully more during the life of their business. The first is to collaborate with other brands. As a travel blogger, this could be with the likes of G Adventures, Qantas or Hilton Hotels. As a creative agency, this could be with clients. The second is to collaborate with competitors – shock horror you might say! But not really; your competitors already have an existing audience you would love to tap into, and vice versa. So why not create a game changing collaboration with a competitor! It might make you feel uncomfortable, and if it does, then you need to do it!

DONT PLAY THE COMPARISON GAME Ugh, this is the worst and something we are all guilty of. We’re only human after all! Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in comparing your brand, blog or business with others. It won’t do you any good. Instead of thinking about what other people are doing, use that precious time instead to refocus and create new ideas and new products!

SAY GOODBYE TO SELF DOUBT Self doubt is the root of evil when it comes to starting your own brand, blog or business. If can kill businesses very quickly, so here are a few tips on how to deal with self doubt.

WORK LIFE BALANCE Ahhh the holy grail! And something I like to blog about, a lot. Why? Because I really believe in it. It’s very easy to slip into full time work mode when you set up a business, but it’s also very easy to forget about your loved ones, friends and the things you like doing on weekends. So here are a few tips to help you achieve work life balance.


So that’s it for the third and final post in my ‘Start Ups for Creatives’ blog series. What did you think? I hope you learned lots of new tips and advice in this series.  Coming up next? A checklist for all brands, bloggers and businesses wanting to start their own business. Coming soon...