Ahhh how to have a picnic in the rain! That is the question... There is nothing I love more than getting my friends together and organising a road trip. Even better, a road trip that includes a picnic on a hot summers afternoon. This is exactly what my friends and I did on a recent trip to Newrybar in Byron Bay. However there is one thing we didn’t plan on…rain. Yup, good old fat summer rain. Like thunderstorm and lightening kind of rain.

And I have to admit, the fat summer rain left me quite frustrated. As I was standing in the rain scratching my head wondering how on earth we were going to have this picnic, Jason (aka best boyfriend ver) came up with the idea to have the picnic on the verandah of The Arthouse, which is where we were staying.

His idea was genius. The wide verandah offered enough cover from the rain, the 1970s brown and white tiles clashed nicely with the collection of items I had sourced from Newrybar Merchants,The Shed and Home Camp, and we were still outside, which meant we were able to enjoy the rain without getting wet.

"What about the food?" I hear you ask! Well as my favourite hinterland cafe was just up the road, we organised a few Insta worthy platters from Harvest...and needless to say, there wasn't anything left by the end of the day.

So for anyone else like us, who has planned the perfect road trip picnic but is thwarted by rain, don’t despair! Below are my tips on how to have a picnic in the rain.

EMBRACE THE RAIN Want to know how to have a picnic in the rain? The first thing you need to do is accept it’s raining, and appreciate the rain. Rain, rain, rain. I love rain. It might be a far cry from the sun kissed picnic you were hoping for, but wet weather can be truly beautiful. So embrace it, because there’s nothing you can do to change it.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX The next thing you need to when learning how to have a picnic in the rain is to think outside the box. I was too set on having the picnic on the grass underneath two huge frangipani trees that I actually didn’t see the forest for the trees. Thinking out the box takes a little extra creativity so have a look around with fresh eyes and a brighter perspective. You'll find a solution quick enough.

LAYER UP THE RUGS Even in summer, it can feel a little cool when it rains. The perfect way to relax and enjoy a picnic away under the cover of rain is to layer up a few rugs on a dry surface (bien sur) and throw in a few cushions for lounging.

KEEP ENTERTAINED A little bit of rain, or a lot of rain, shouldn’t discourage you from keeping everyone entertained. On road trips, someone always has a pack of cards, an iPhone player, magazines and books. Think creatively about some games you can play as well. Backyard cricket in the rain is a tonne of fun. As is climbing trees. Or you can do what we did and dance in the rain!

USE DIFFERENT PLATEWARE Usually we’re eating off plastic plates and using plastic cutlery when we have a picnic, so the fact that we were having a picnic at home under the cover of the veranda  meant we could use stoneware plates, ceramic mugs and proper cutlery without the fear of getting anything damaged. Hurrah.

LOOK AROUND YOU Just because it's raining doesn't mean you can't get creative. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade - am I right?! Because we had the picnic on the verandah of The Arthouse, we were forced to look around for alternative seating options. So we used an abundance of cane seats scattered around the outside of the house. We were even able to use the floating rocking chair, which provided a lot of fun.

Do you have any other tips for having a picnic in the rain? I'd love to hear them! 

Raining on your picnic plan? No worries! 

Having a picnic in the rain on your road trip is all about the details. Seeds available at Newrybar Merchants. 


Moroccan floor rug, cow hide cushion, natural cushion and woven basket all available at Newrybar Merchants.

Natural cane chair by and hand painted print cushion available at Newrybar Merchants. 

Camping stool by Home Camp, three ceramic vases, Nomadic coffee table book, vase and floristry all available at Newrybar Merchants.

Moroccan floor rug, cow hide cushion, natural cushion and Moroccan wedding cushion all available at Newrybar Merchants.

Ceramic plates, linen cloths and wine carrier with glasses (inside) from Newrybar Merchants

The best picnic in the rain spread by Harvest in Newrybar, Byron Bay! 

Cheese platters from The Shed, ceramic plates, linen napkins, vegetable seed packets and tea jars from Newrybar Merchants, and copper hip flask from Home Camp.

This is how to have a picnic in the rain! 

Does anyone remember the original Betty's Burgers in Noosa? She now grows herbs and edible blooms, like the ones I sourced from her farm above. Delicious! 

It might be raining but that didn't stop us from having a picnic on our road trip in Byron!

Woven basket, Moroccan woven basket and lid, and tea jars available at Newrybar Merchants, and wooden platters by The Shed.

We originally wanted to have the picnic under this frangipani tree, but we improvised because of the rain. And I think it actually worked in our favour!

Our Insta worthy slash delicious spread was put together by the amazing team at Harvest in Newrybar!

Copper hip flask by Home Camp!

Almost too pretty to eat! Almost...

Now sure how to have a picnic in the rain? This is how. And it was so easy using my tips above!

Huge thanks to The Arthouse for an amazing weekend as well as Home Camp for your amazing outdoor wares. And another thank you to Newrybar Merchants for letting us dress up our little improvised picnic in the rain with items from your store, as well as the merchants themselves, including Sibella Court, Shannon Fricke, The Miller Trading Group, Jai Vasicek & Patterson + Steele, Beautiflora, Diana Miller, Fate & Fortune, and Tigmi Trading. Newrybar Merchants is located on 19 Old Pacific Highway in New South Wales, Australia. It's open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday.