Choosing your next holiday destination can be a little overwhelming because the options are pretty much unlimited. Swimming with sharks in the Maldives? Exploring the cenotes in Mexico? Climbing Machu Picchu in Peru? Take your pick! And whilst the "spin the globe and choose whichever country your finger lands on" approach is so much fun, sometimes it doesn't hurt to do a little research. So read on to find out how to choose where to travel next. READ BLOGS Ha! Of course this is going to be the first place I look when I decide where I want to travel next. I mostly refer to travel blogs as they are the most detailed when it comes to experiences. My favourites are Bon Traveler and The Wandering Lens.

USE SOCIAL MEDIA Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, are perfect places to start your research. On Instagram, I'll screenshot photos of destinations I come across and save them into folders in my photo library. On Pinterest, I'll create folders for destinations I am interested in travelling to. When I am figuring out where to travel next, I go back to these images. Saving images via social media is also a great way to find things to see and do as well.

ASK FRIENDS Ask your friends for advice; no doubt they will have been to many different places and will be able to give you firsthand advice. Also look at your communities on social media. For instance, I’ll often ask people in my Mister Weekender Facebook community for any tips and advice on destinations I’m interested in because I know someone will comment with a suggestion or will get their friends to help out.

How do you choose where you will travel next?