Welcome to the first installment of ‘HOW TO BUILD A CABIN'. I'm so excited to be sharing this epic adventure with you - I very recently began my search to buy land in the Australia. After years of dreaming about owning a house in the wilderness, I am finally turning that dream into a reality! So how did I get to this decision? 1. My love of nature Modern utilitarian housing has long been the norm, however my love of nature completely outweighs any desire of city living. I want to enjoy a life where I can truly disconnect and absorb myself into nature.

2. The property market I live in Sydney. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the property market is tough, especially for a first home buyer. A minimum 20% deposit of the total property value is required up front, and in reality, a lot of single first home buyers cannot afford this. That is, unless we live with our parents rent free for many years and save. Or buy property with someone. Or we earn a sizable salary. Or our parents assist with pulling together the deposit. Unfortunately however, these are not the luxuries many of us have. So what do we do? We travel and live life to the fullest. But I’d be lying if I said this was living a full life. We crave a foundation, a place to call home.

To make matters worse our parents – the baby boomers – are buying first homeowners out of the market. I salute baby boomers for investing in their second and third properties, however this doesn't help first home buyers. Yes they had to pay 10% plus on their home loans, which is comparatively high compared to today. However trying to compete against multi-property owners with more assets and higher combined incomes is tough.

I am not rejecting tough. I am not rejecting saving. But I am not prepared to work, stay put and live a quiet life for five to ten years to buy property in the city. So I revolutionised my thoughts. What if I did things backwards, or differently? What if I continued to rent in Sydney, bought a block of land in the wilderness and built a cabin, which I could move into? What if I could rent this cabin out to like minded nature lovers, like myself, to earn an income when I travel?

3. What I love doing in my spare time I’ve been on an exciting journey since I started Mister Weekender. A huge part of that journey has been discovering my innate love of nature and adventure. I feel more comfortable walking through fields of grass and hiking mountains than I do pounding the pavement in the city and meeting friends at a bar for cocktails. The wide open spaces and fresh air is my chakra. So with my revolutionised thoughts, I jotted down the things that get me up in the morning – nature, travel, reading books about building cabins, and adventure. And my favourite website is Cabin Porn - I check it religiously. See the common theme in my response...

4. Home is where the heart is I’ve lived in Sydney, Brisbane and London. I’ve travelled to many beautiful destinations around the world and this year alone I’ve explored many idyllic locations in Australia and have been overseas a bunch of times. However when I think back to all the amazing countries, cities, coastal and country towns I’ve seen, I am consistently drawn to one area which holds a very special place in my heart – Tasmania. There is something magical about the wild, untouched and romantic landscape in Tasmania that keeps calling me back.

5. Getting savvy I then asked myself, could I combine my love of nature, my rejection of the property market in Sydney, my revolutionised idea of building a cabin in the wilderness, and my love of travel, adventure and reading? The answer – HELL YES. And here we are.

So this week I embarked on my Six Point Plan to build my dream cabin in the middle of the Australian wilderness. Tasmania has my heart but I need to spend the next few months figuring out if this location is viable. More on that soon…


Photo taken by myself overlooking Great Oyster Bay in Tasmania