Weekenders, now that’s what I’m all about. Since I started this blog just over two years ago, I have been blogging non-stop about how to have the best weekender. In fact, we have 52 weekends a year, that’s 52 opportunities to do something different, so why are we all waiting for our annual leave to come around before we explore this gorgeous world? The very reason why I started this blog was because when I was living in Sydney all my friends were doing the same thing every weekend. And it quickly became very apparent to me that something was missing – adventure. So I set off on my own one weekend and went hiking solo. And I had the best time of my life #seriously.

Whether it’s a quick trip overseas, a weekend getaway for a road trip closer to home, you have 52 weekends to fuel your wanderlust. So as you can imagine it’s important for me to make sure you guys know how to have the best weekender. Well, here goes!



PLAN AHEAD Planned or spontaneous, the best weekenders require a little bit of preparation; whether it’s getting your maps together, filling the car with petrol, buying food, coordinating friends, a little bit of planning ahead is essential to having the best weekender ever.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE Weekends are the perfect time to do the things you truly wish you had more time for. So take advantage of this time by doing what you love! If it’s surfing, get in the car and surf at different beaches. If it’s hiking, choose different trails every weekend. If it’s cooking, try different recipes at a different friend’s house each weekend. Whatever it is, do what you love.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT Time and time again I see people doing the same thing every weekend, and that’s ok for them, but not for me. Planning a road trip with friends? Try camping. Staying in a little cabin for the weekend? Take a tent to play around during the day. On a recent trip to Byron, I took down my bell tent from Homecamp.

I found these guys on Instagram and they are my go to for camping gear and outdoors goods in Australia. If you haven’t heard of them already, you better check them out! I brought the tent when I was in Byron late last year, but the weather was rubbish and not very inspiring so I was really excited to be able to use it on this recent weekender.

My friends and I had a blast putting the tent up in the front garden of this cute little house in Newrybar where we were staying, called The Arthouse. It literally took less than ten minutes to assemble and was as simple as pegging the ground sheet, placing the poles and pegging the guy lines; which is a huge bonus if you’re having a solo weekender. We grabbed a few blankets, cushions and some other pieces from the house, and created a killer set up for the afternoon. So this weekend, do something different.

GO SOLO I don’t know about you guys, but I need my solo time. I have always been like this; ever since I was little, I could happily spend hours by myself making, creating and just having fun. If going solo over a weekend is a little daunting, check out my posts here. Trust me there is nothing more rewarding than doing something solo.

CHOOSE YOUR COMPANY The best weekends are also those spent with the best company – your friends, family and loved ones. So choose your company wisely. There is no point dragging your friends to go hiking if they don’t enjoy it. Think about what it is that you love to do on weekends and invite your likeminded friends.

CREATE A LITTLE MAGIC Whether it’s taking a weaving workshop (something I did a few weeks ago and created this), or setting up a tent in your own backyard (check out my photos below), or playing your piano for hours at a time (I have a friend who does this every day and weekend) or sitting down to write your first eBook (I love allocating time to write on weekends), your weekends are all about creating a little magic so go on, what are you waiting for!

DITCH TECHNOLOGY Ditch your phone now. Forget it. The best weekenders are those spent without technology. Be present in the moment.

GET OUTDOORS Without a doubt, the best weekenders are those spent in the outdoors. Hiking, exploring, swimming, adventuring, surfing – get outdoors now! Plus there is nothing more refreshing that starting your work week knowing you’ve had an adventure on the weekend. Trust me, you’ll start planning your next adventure after that Monday morning meeting.

LEAVE WORK AT WORK And I mean it. Leave work at work. Weekends are for fun. Work is for work.

REMEMBER TO RECHARGE It’s so important you use your weekends to recharge; now I’m not talking about sitting in front of the television the whole time. Get outdoors, read a book, go hiking, and resist the urge to check your emails.


How-To-Have-The-Best-Weekender Home-Camp-Bell-Tent

How-To-Have-The-Best-Weekender How-To-Have-The-Best-Weekender Home-Camp-Bell-Tent

How-To-Have-The-Best-Weekender How-To-Have-The-Best-Weekender Home-Camp-Bell-Tent