I recently visited Hahndorf when I went on tour of South Australia with AAT Kings. One of the Adelaide Hills’ most famous towns, Hahndorf is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement. Only a 30 minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD, there is lots to see and do in Hahndorf. Visit the former home and studio of artist Sir Hans Heysen ‘The Cedars’. Spend up and fill your tummies at one of the many world famous German bakeries and pubs. Take a peek at the Hahndorf Academy to explore the arts and local heritage. Check out the market at the local school and buy some homemade apricot cookies.

Lutheran migrants from a small village named Kay in Prussia settled the town, many of which were aboard the ‘Zebra’ ship arriving in 1838. Named after the Danish Dirk Meinhertz Hahn, captain of the ‘Zebra’ the German influence is graciously still very apparent in Hahndorf and is seen physically in the traditional fachwerk architecture of the original surviving buildings.

When visiting Hahndorf, the most arresting feature greeting visitors are the 100 year old elm trees that line the main street – it’s simply jaw dropping. However, whilst many visitors come to Hahndorf to get a glimpse of the past, the town is becoming well known for its fusion of old and new and as a trendy destination to wine and dine with friends.

TRIP NOTES What: Tour with AAT Kings 'South Australian Harvest' Where: Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills SA 5245 When: All year round! Contact: AAT Kings on 1300 228 546 within Australia | +61 2 9028 5182 outside Australia