I remember I was travelling around Bali a few years ago; it’s one of my favourite countries to visit because I don’t have to jump on a tiresome long haul flight. It has amazing food and surf breaks, the weather is beautiful, the people are super lovely, and it’s not obscenely expensive. However, it’s well known amongst travellers not to drink the local water in Bali, and to buy bottled water instead. Many of the luxury resorts have filtered water but as I am personally petrified of getting sick from contaminated water, I still stuck to bottled water.

Yet, after seeing the quantity of plastic bottles piling high in the rubbish bin in my hotel room, I knew something had to change about the way I travelled. Even if it meant one tiny change from my end - boiling water, cooling it in a fridge and using a reusable water bottle - I knew it would make a difference in reducing my use of plastics, especially when I travel.

The thing is, I was at odds with the reusable water bottle I was using because it was still made of plastic. I felt like such an uneducated fraud! So, when Water3 recently got in touch with me to let me know about their reusable, recyclable stainless steel water bottles made with sustainable bamboo, I knew I had to road test it on my recent trip to Fraser Island. But that’s not the only reason why they got in touch… Read on to find out how you too can access fresh water, ditch plastic bottled water for good, and travel green.


Green travel is becoming more and more popular these days, and there is a lot to learn and understand. As you would have read from my experience above, it takes time. I found the two most important facts you need to know and understand is this; takes over 1,000 years for plastic to break down but it never actually goes away. It just breaks down into smaller and smaller micro particles so really, it's not helping the environment at all. And 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters our oceans every year. Scary stuff… 



Do you want to make a difference? Yes! I am so glad you do. All you need to do is join the water revolution! The number one thing you can do to make a difference and help the environment is to ditch plastic bottled water for good. It’s really that simple.



As you would have read from above, I thought I was helping the environment by only using one water bottle. But it was made from plastic, and completely contradicted was I was standing for. It all comes down to choosing your reusable water bottle wisely. Water3 has developed a reusable water bottle made from recyclable stainless steel and sustainable bamboo, and you can choose from a variety of beautiful colours to match your adventures. Get your hands on a reusable Water3 bottle here.



You now know two important facts about plastics and how they are damaging the environment, as well as how you can make a difference, and which reusable water bottle to use. It’s also important to know how you can source better water. Water3 is revolutionising the way we drink water in Australia and are making it easy for everyone to access fresh, healthy, chilled spring water to create a cleaner environment for current and future generations. They have developed a handy network of Water3 Kiosks where you can hydrate on the go, and refill your water bottles with the purpose of reducing your plastic footprint. Additionally, Water3 reinvests revenue back into clean-ups around Australia. How good! Now, I bet you’re wondering where you can find the Water3 Kiosks? They are in the places you need them most and anyone can access them. To find your nearest kiosk, click here.



As I mentioned earlier, I recently spent a weekend on Fraser Island with my boys for some rest and relaxation. Being a mum who works full time, life can get very hectic. Switching off and enjoying some down time at Fraser was exactly what I was needed, and it was the perfect opportunity to road test Water3.

The day before I was due to head over on the ferry to Fraser, I was in Brisbane and I stopped into MacArthur Central to pick up some things for our wedding, which is all happening in a few months! Whilst I was there, I filled my Water3 bottles (I have two) at the kiosk located there. To be honest, it was super convenient and something I would go back for again and again. I should also mention that you can choose still or sparkling water, its chilled to perfection and you can refill with a Water3 bottle or your own bottle (hopefully it’s a reusable one).

Whilst we were at Fraser I took the bottles with me when we spent a day at Lake McKenzie and an afternoon walk along the jetty in front of Kingfisher Bay Resort. The water was surprisingly cool, the bottles were easy to hold, I loved the difference colours and it felt good knowing I was doing my little bit to help the environment on my travels. And I have been taking them everywhere with me since. 



I have proudly collaborated with Water3 for this blog post.