The crunching underneath my sneakers was unnerving. Looking down however, what I saw was something quite pretty. Thousands of broken blushing pink clamshells paved the ground in front of me. Looking up towards the midday sun, I couldn’t see a single cloud in the sky – just endless shades of blue. Around me were other visitors clambering gently across the clamshells and waiting in line to order their lunch.

I was at the Freycinet Marine Farm on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. I had flown down to Tasmania the day before for a weekender and was completely bowled over by the wild, untouched and romantic landscape.

Walking past electric blue painted picnic tables, I couldn’t help but notice the colour reflected the sky. In a small unassuming tin roof hut was a gateway to the ocean delicacies farmed on the Freycinet Peninsula.

The farm is made up of 150 acres of Pacific Oysters in the estuarine areas, and Native Oysters and Tasmanian Blue Mussels in the fully marine areas. Their secret is cool clean water. This means the oysters and mussels do not need to be depurated or scrubbed before they leave the farm.

Arriving straight from the farm to our plates, we ordered a large bowl of steamed mussels with a couple of lemon wedges and bread rolls, and half a dozen kilpatrick oysters. Fresh, salty and smooth, the oysters and mussels were served to perfection. We squeezed the wedges of lemon till their very last drop and with each oyster and mussel, we could taste the clean waters of Tasmania’s east coast.

Licking my fingers after swallowing the last oyster, I walked over to the outdoor sink to wash my hands and heard a familiar crunching sound underneath my sneakers. Only this time it wasn’t unnerving, it was somewhat comforting after filling my tummy with delicious oysters and mussels straight from the ocean.

TRIP NOTES What: Freycinet Marine Farm Where: 1784 Coles Bay Rd, Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia 7215 How: Two and a half hours from Launceston and Hobart. Coach and car parking available. When: Monday - Sunday 9am till 5pm Daily (closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day) Contact: Ph: +61 (3) 6257 0140 |