Real family travel, that’s what I am all about over here at Mister Weekender. Since becoming parents to our son Dusty, one of the biggest lessons Jason and I have learned is to make no plans and to have zero expectations when we travel together. Instead, we create a hit list of things we’d like to see and do, and then we take each day as it comes. We are all about real family travel - we take the good with the bad, and this is the exact reason why we found Esperance one of the best kid friendly destinations. It’s just so relaxing, here’s why:

Mister Weekender_Twilight Beach_Esperance.jpg


Finding kid friendly accommodation is not always easy. Kids love to explore and experiencing new things all the time, so being cooped up in a hotel doesn’t allow for much space or interest, for anyone. Also, kids are really noisy sleepers so we need two rooms to ensure us parents get a decent night sleep - this makes staying in a hotel super expensive. When we travel as a family, we like to book accommodation with Airbnb or find a cute bed n breakfast. So you can imagine how stoked we were when we stayed at Esperance Chalet Village. We stayed in a one level cabin (no stairs to contend with, joy!), which had two bedrooms (one bedroom for us and one bedroom for Dusty, brilliant!), a bathroom with a washing machine (keeping Dusty’s grubby clothes clean on the regular, excellent!), an open living area and kitchen. Dusty could also safely run around outside and explore the grounds. See why we fell in love with Esperance Chalet Village over here.

Things to do

There are a couple of kid’s parks in town, but just outside of town is the Great Ocean Drive and along here you can find some of the best kids friendly beaches Esperance has to offer including West Beach, 11 Mile Lagoon and Twilight Beach. See all of my favourite Esperance beaches over here. The best surprise of all is that Cape Le Grand National Park is only 45 minutes east of Esperance, which is perfect for travelling with kids. No long drives, hurrah! The airport is only 20 minutes out of town, and this is where you can jump on a small plane and explore Esperance, Cape Le Grand National Park and Lake Hillier from above. So lovely!

Places to eat

The beauty of Esperance is you can do as little or as much as you want in a day. There’s no rushing around here. The centre of town is located on the water just a short five minute drive from the Chalet Village and there are some seriously cute shops. We loved having our daily coffee at Downtown Espresso Bar, we loved stocking up on groceries at Bob and Jim’s General Store, and we stocked up on salad sandwiches from the French Hot Bread Shop (who surprisingly do a really good Banh Mi) every day. I also did a spot of shopping at Luna & Sage and the local surf shop Inner Tube. We also enjoyed a meal at Taylor St Quarters (the cocktails are really good) and Fish Face