Whether it’s for business or pleasure, a city escape is sometimes the perfect escape. I live at Clovelly in Sydney (right opposite Gordon’s Bay) and recently found myself with a free weekend; quite a rarity these days. However, instead of retreating into the wilderness like I usually do, I decided to put my tourist hat on and spend a night at Fraser Suites. You might remember my previous Fraser Suites stay in Perth. Well I was so impressed by my experience that when I decided to spend a night luxuriating in Sydney’s city, I knew I had to book a room at Fraser Suites. And I quite literally couldn’t wait to see the sun set over the towering office buildings in the CBD.

Arriving in the early afternoon after having brunch at my favourite Swedish café Fika and wandering around Taronga Zoo, I drove my car into the underground hotel car park, made my way to the reception to check-in and found myself pressing ‘40’ in the hotel elevator.

I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my favourite part when staying at a hotel are those few moments when I swipe my key and open the door to my hotel room – never knowing what to expect is always such a thrill. And needless to say, Fraser Suites impressed me again.

My large room wasn’t just a room - it was a huge apartment. And what immediatey struck me was the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the CBD. Then after a couple of seconds I began to notice the other details of the apartment – self serviced kitchen, dining table, lounge room and separate workspace. Further down the windowed hallyway, I found the master bedroom and bathroom (hello bathtub and mirrored shower).

After heli skiing in New Zealand and relaxing pool side in Bali, a cityscape was exactly what I needed. Not one to waste time, I unpacked my bags, grabbed my laptop, sat on the couch, got comfy and spend a couple of hours writing. Not soon after I decided to get some fresh air and went for a walk through Chinatown. And by no means a coincidence, I found myself in front of my favourite restaurant Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine, which also features in my latest travel guide as one of Sydney’s top secret eating spots.

After a cosy dinner, I ambled my way back to Fraser Suites to watch the last few minutes of the sunset. As the sun faded and the lights in the office buildings turned on, I decided to settle in for the night, enjoy a hot bubble bath and read my book.

The following morning, I woke up with the sunrise as I chose to leave the curtains in the apartment open overnight. And after a refreshing shower, I made my way down to another hotel buffet breakfast where I enjoyed a selection of summer fruits, toast with Vegemite and a tall glass of ice-cold full cream milk. Trust me, after staying in so many hotels you too would just choose the fruit and toast!

TRIP NOTES What: Fraser Suites Sydney Where: 488 Kent Street, Sydney NSW Australia 2000 Contact: sales.sydney@frasershospitality.com | +61 2 8823 8888 www.frasershospitality.com