As you guys know, spending time outdoors is my absolute favourite thing to do. Anything that combines nature, adventure and travel, and I am there. I also really enjoy cooking. It’s something I have always loved, and even better – Jason loves cooking. His knowledge and skills always amaze me, and every weekend he is in the kitchen rustling up something new and delicious. 

Jason and I love making our easy berry chia jam and Dusty eats it by the spoonful, so we thought this recipe would be perfect for him on our recent weekend escape at Conondale Station, which is located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. We have partnered with Primus Outdoor to show you how easy it is! We used the following gear:

·      Primus Kinja Stove 

·      Primus CampFire Cookset 

·      Primus CampFire Prep Set

·      Primus CampFire Plates

·      Primus CampFire Cutlery Set

·      Primus 4 Season Mugs


The first thing we did was get Dusty to help us measure the ingredients and then mix them together in a Cookset pot using the Prep Set. Safety is super important when using a gas stove, so we made sure to keep Dusty a reasonable distance away from the Kinja Stove whilst turning on the gas and cooking the jam. We let him come over and stir the jam once the cooking/heating part was done. And of course, with keen eyes on him, we let him know what was hot and not to touch. 

 We put the Kinja Stove on a bench seat, and it was the perfect height for him to stir the jam using the Prep Set and eat straight from the wooden spoon till his heart’s content. It was adorable and a really fun and easy way of introducing cooking outdoors to him.  

I’ve included the recipe for my Easy Berry Chia Jam below for your next outdoor cooking adventures. It’s absolutely delicious on toast with butter. We bought fresh sourdough from Rick’s in Noosaville, our favourite bakery on the Sunshine Coast! And for those wanting to know, the cushions and rug is from my friends store - Hello Trader!





-       Two cups of frozen berries of your choice. We ended up making two different chia berry jams with Dusty; raspberry, as well as blackberry with blueberry. 

-       4 tbsp chia seeds. We used white and black chia seeds.

-       3 to 4 Tbsp sweetener of your choice. We used FODMAP friendly maple syrup, but you can also use honey, coconut syrup or rice malt syrup

-       ¼ Cup of water 

-       2 tsp vanilla extract 

-       Squeeze of fresh lemon juice 


MIster Weekender_Primus Outdoor_Easy Berry Chia Jam_3.png


-       Place the frozen berries in the pot with ¼ water over a low heat on the stove top. Gently stir the berries until they break up and turn into a slightly rustic, chunky puree. 

-       As the berries are warming up and softening, add the vanilla, chia seeds and sweetener; in our case, this was the maple syrup. Stir to combine and taste test. Add extra sweetener and chia seeds if you need to. Remember, chia seeds soak up a lot of liquid so it’s ok if the jam is a bit runny because the chia seeds will thicken the jam.

-       Squeeze a dash of fresh lemon juice into the pot.

-       Once all the ingredients are combined, turn the stove off. As the jam cools in the pan, give it a stir a couple of times to make sure the chia seeds are evenly combined with the berries. 

-       Store the berry chia jam in a clean jar and refrigerate. The jam actually thickens even more as it cools and should keep for two weeks.  

-       Note: If you want a completely sugar free berry chia jam, but still want it to taste sweet, use Stevia! Just add a little bit at a time until it tastes right.