Dusty loves to run; he’s constantly on the move and he loves playing outside. One afternoon we were playing in our backyard with him and came up with the idea of an outdoor teepee. We jumped online, searched high and low for something fun and different, but we couldn’t find anything we liked.  

Then we started thinking of creative ways we could make one. Most tee pee’s we found online were for use indoors, and had fabric wrapped around the poles, and was all very pretty. But we wanted to something a little different. That’s when we decided to make a teepee using sticks we foraged around Noosa. It wasn’t until we started collecting the sticks that we came up with the idea of wrapping the sticks in yarn. A couple of weeks later, and it was finished. It was super easy to make and Dusty loves it, so we thought we’d share this fun DIY with you. 



·      7 large sticks or branches of roughly the same height

·      Yarn or wool in colours of your choice 

·      4m jute rope

·      Scissors 




Step 1:The first thing you need to do is find the sticks. The large sticks we foraged were about 1.8mhigh so Dusty could happily run in and out of the teepee without bumping his little head.

Step 2:Wrap the yarn around each stick. We chose different colour combinations for each stick in different widths. This part takes a little bit of time. Wrapping each stick went faster when we folded the yarn several times and then wrapped it around each stick. Tie a double knot and cut off any excess yarn. Repeat this process until all of your sticks are wrapped in yarn.

Step 3:You will need at least two people to build the teepee. One person will hold the sticks together, whilst the other person will position the sticks in place and tie the teepee off using the jute rope. Start by choosing four of the straightest sticks. Push the bottom of each stick firmly into the ground as this gives the teepee extra support. Lean the sticks in and hold the top of them together; the base of the teepee should resemble the shape of a square. Cut 2 metres of jute rope using scissors and wrap it around, underneath and between the sticks at the top of the teepee. Double knot to secure. Place the three remaining sticks in between the first four sticks and leave a gap at the front. Once all of the sticks are in place, tie the remaining jute rope around the top to firmly secure the teepee in place. And it’s finished! 

You can get as creative as you like by adding ornaments and decorations, such as pom poms, balloons, shells, flowers, garlands, bunting, ribbons – anything! We’ve got Dusty’s birthday coming up, so we’ll be setting it up for all of the kids to enjoy. Super cute.

Jaharn GilesComment