Knowing what to eat when you fly, both domestically and internationally, can be difficult. Whilst airline meals are improving, for those of us flying economy, the meals on offer are generally unhealthy, high in sugar and starch, and full of salt. When I used to fly for Virgin Australia in the Cabin Crew team, I would sometimes operate 16 flights in four days. As you can imagine, my diet played a very important role in maintaining my energy levels. Very quickly, I learned what the best diet was, both from personal experience and knowledge passed on from other Cabin Crew members.

With this in mind, I have pulled together 9 tips for healthy flying through some very important Do’s and Do Not’s when it comes to your diet and flying. And make sure you follow these tips – your tummy will be thanking you when you arrive at your destination.

Do Not • Do not eat yeast-based products such as pasta, noodles and bread. Foods with yeast in them will expand in your stomach making you feel bloated and uncomfortable. The air pressure in the cabin will also acerbate this feeling and will cause you to pass wind. • Do not eat snacks or food containing sulphur, especially dried fruit • Do not snack on junk food. It’s that simple. • Do not drink soda water or flavoured soda drinks. The bubbles and high sugar and salt content will make you feel bloated. They will also cause you to pass wind and have a diuretic effect. • Do not eat salad dressings or sauces which are loaded with sugar and salt

Do • Do request a gluten free meal before your departure date • Do come prepared. Pack nutritional snacks such as fresh celery and carrot sticks, raw vegetables such as broccoli and beans, air-dried salt free nuts, kale chips, tomato juice, pineapple slices, kiwi fruit and red berries. • Do drink plenty of water – stay hydrated by avoiding alcohol and by drinking lots of still water • Do eat gluten free carbohydrates such as rice and potatoes – just as long as they’re not covered in oils, sugary sauces and dressings

Do you have any diet tips for flying? I'd love to hear from you if you do!

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