I am often the instigator for hiking adventures; in other words I am a research queen and love finding about new places to explore. So you can imagine my sheer delight when I was taken to a spot which had a lot of meaning for someone else. Said spot is in fact North Head in Sydney. How to get there The lookout at North Head is approximately 16km from Sydney's CBD or a 30 minute drive travelling north of Sydney by car. North Head is also accessible via ferry to Manly and then a short 15 minute walk to the park entrance.

What to do Walking through North Head's peaceful and immaculate headland, it can be very easy to forget you're only a few kilometres from Sydney's bustling CBD. There are numerous pathways to explore so my suggestion is to take one, get lost and enjoy your surroundings. As you do, you'll encounter diverse wildlife and flora, military remains, and stunning views of the ocean, city and harbour.

I shouldn't encourage hiking 'off piste' but I feel quite restricted if I don't walk off the pathway and onto the beaten track. I never do this on my own, and I am so happy I chose to because I came across one of the most spectacular cliff tops I'd ever seen in my life (see it here). We chose to lay down on our tummy's with our heads resting in our arms overlooking the cliff. It was one of the most beautiful and pristine moments I've ever experienced, and it made me feel a heightened level of connectedness to the elements surrounding us.

Rich in history and a special place for the Aboriginal people, visiting North Head at sunset was simply magical. You can imagine hiking around the area gets quite busy during the day, so it was nice seeing only a handful of people here and there on sunset. And with the sun setting in the west and the moon rising in the east, North Head provided a spectacular light show and superb views of the city directly ahead.