A couple of weekends ago I set off to go hiking in the Royal National Park, also affectionately known as the 'Nasho' or just 'the Royal'. Established in 1879, it is the world's second oldest national park, and is perfect for hiking, cycling, picnicking and whale watching. Just over an hour's drive south of Sydney's CBD, the heritage-listed Royal National Park is a favourite weekend destination of mine as it offers a lot of variety for adventure seekers like myself. It does cost $11 per day/per car to get into the National Park, so my best advice is to have cash on you so you can pay at the first ticket booth. This will also avoid having to stop at the Visitors Centre to pay via card. Although this isn't so bad as you can grab a map here too, as well as enjoy a bite to eat.

On this particular day, I chose to do the coastal hike between Wattamolla Beach and Marley Beach. If you haven't been to Wattamolla Beach before, then make sure you include this stunning spot on your list of beaches to visit in Sydney - it's absolutely gorgeous.

When you first set off on the coastal walk, the track initially takes you inland and can be quite narrow and slippery on the rocks so make sure you wear long pants and good hiking shoes or sneakers. After about 30 to 45 minutes or so, the coastline and cliffs literally unfold and open before your eyes; it's a spectacular sight after being surround by after so much dense bush. Hiking along this coastal walk in the Royal National Park and looking at the dramatic cliffs is without a doubt one of the best ways to experience Sydney.

For those looking to stay in the Royal National Park overnight, there are a few great camping options such as Bonnie Vale, North Era and Uloola Falls. For those looking to stay for the night without to worry of setting up a tent, Weemalah Cottage would be perfect. I hope to go camping in the national park in a couple of months when my weekends aren't as busy as they have been recently. Should be interesting!