Gordon's Bay is one of those beaches I've always heard my friends talk about. My weekends fill up really quickly with exploring and travel writing so I've only recently had the time to check out this snorkelling hot spot. How to get there About 11km from Sydney's CBD, it takes about 20 minutes to drive to Gordon's Bay which is south of Clovelly Beach and north of Coogee Beach. It is a secluded bay created by the deeply incised gully and sheer sandstone headlands. Gordon's Bay can be difficult to gain access to via car, so it's best to park at the headland car park and walk down. A picturesque little bay with incredible views, there is a paved walkway around the perimeter which allows you to look down on the bay from quite a height. So when you get there, make sure you walk from one side around to the other to take in the full beauty of the spot.

What to do  The bay is a much loved spot for snorkelling as it is well protected from most waves resulting in a calm beach with crystal clear waters. As the sandy part of the bay is quite narrow, measuring roughly 75 metres, many locals and visitors comfortably perch their towels on the rocks surrounding the sides of the bay. The beach is also used as for old school timber fishing boat racks which adds a nice little charm.