Tasmania? Check. Sea kayaking? Check. Extreme adventures? Check. Crazy weather? Check. Seems to me I have everything I need for a sea kayaking adventure in the middle of the Tasmanian wilderness in Australia. And that was the case a few weeks ago when I set off on an adventure of a lifetime! If you missed my blog post about Day One, make sure you check it out here before reading on.

DAY TWO After a pleasant nights sleep in the middle of the south west wilderness in Tasmania, I was excited to jump straight into a day of extreme adventures including a full day on the kayaks. After our breakfast of yoghurt, muesli, fresh fruit salad, pancakes with lemon and sugar and orange juice, we jumped into our kayaks and glided past Mt Rugby towards Bathurst Harbour. The severe weather system was absolutely sticking around for a few days so we endured 40 knot winds, which created intense squalls and gusts, throwing the water up in parts like mini tornados. It was both wild and beautiful to experience such epic weather.

For lunch, we rested at Claytons Hut before hiking through rain, thunder and lightening up to the top of Mt Beattie. My best advice? Absolutely pack professional hiking boots. You will not bode well without them. The hike is intense and steep but offers panoramic views of Bathurst Harbour along the way. As we were reaching the top, the winds picked up enormously to the point of 100km per hour. After taking a few somewhat hilarious yet concerning photos at the top, we decided to make our way back down but the wind, too strong for us, began to topple us over. Coupled with rain, hail and mud we had to immediately seek cover - this was by far one of the most extreme adventures I've experienced!

I was no match for the strong wind so I face planted (many LOLs) the surrounding bush. I then had to commando roll over to Tom, our guide who was sitting low on the muddy trail with tall grass protecting him, whilst the rest of the team seeked cover in various spots – behind a large rock, next to a low lying tree – until the wind, rail and hail dissipated. Thankful to be alive, we trekked down Mt Beattie and jumped into our kayaks for the short journey home where we enjoyed baked Tasmanian brie with dukkah, hot chocolate, more wine and a spicy curry for dinner. So what did I learn that day? Extreme adventures really are extreme and 100km per hour winds are really, really, really strong. Like really strong.

Day Three sea kayaking adventures coming soon!

TRIP NOTES What: Roaring 40˚s Kayaking Where: South West Hobart, Tasmania Australia 7004 When: All year round Cost: See packages here Gear: Pack only the essentials, download the free packing guide here Phone: International +61 455 949 777 | Within Australia 0455 949 777 Email: Website:

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Big thank you to the team at Anaconda for my kayaking gear!