As many of you know, Mister Weekender is about exploring, extreme adventures and nature. So when the opportunity came up to go on a three day sea kayaking expedition with Roaring 40˚s Kayaking in Tasmania, Australia – how could I say no? DAY ONE They say first impressions last and Roaring 40˚s made me feel very welcomed as soon as they picked me up from my hotel early in the morning in Hobart. Greeted warmly by the team – Jenny, Tory, Lynne and Tom – my gear was bundled onto a small bus and before I knew it I was introducing myself to the other travellers on this once in a lifetime expedition and we were heading to Cambridge Airport.

Upon arrival, we quickly unpacked and repacked our essentials into waterproof bags, changed into our expedition gear, were weighed and grouped onto small planes with Par Avion. There was an intense weather system moving in so our guides and pilots were very eager to get in the air. Throughout the 45 minute flight my senses were assaulted pleasantly as we flew through wind and rain along the coast towards Melaleuca, our destination. The views? Spectacular to say the least.

Arriving in Melaleuca, we assembled our gear onto a group of wheelbarrows, threw on our wet weather gear and walked through rain and wind to where our two person kayaks were stored. After an hour of prepping and packing the kayaks, we put on more gear (mostly for safety) and climbed into our kayaks. You know that weather system I was talking about earlier? Well an hour into kayaking, we were hit with the most intense torrential rainstorm I’ve ever experienced. It’s these moments I wonder ‘what the hell am I doing!’ but I always have a huge smile on my face. The rain was so dense and heavy we couldn't see the other kayaks until the rain finally dissipated after ten or so minutes. With whoops of delight we were all on a high! Hello #naturefroth. An hour later we made it to our destination, Forest Lagoon, which was our base for the next three days.

After unpacking the kayaks and settling into our yurts we enjoyed a surprisingly delicious spread of local Tasmanian produce: fresh salad, bread, cheese, cold meats and more. After an adventurous morning, it was exactly what everyone felt like. And that’s one of my many amazing experiences with Roaring 40˚s – all meals are healthy, fresh, fine dining experiences cooked by the team. So those experiencing the expedition, can sit back, relax and enjoy the scrumptious spread.

With full tummies and slightly weary bodies, we jumped back into our kayaks to explore the surrounding area at Forest Lagoon and the MONA exhibit – a hut sitting on top of a hill. With heavy rain and wind moving through in waves, we eventually decided to walk back to the kayaks and head home to our cosy yurts. There are no showers at Forest Lagoon, so we indulged in ‘bird baths’ and freshened up for dinner of Tasmanian cheese, dips and crusty breads, local Frogmore Creeks and Devil’s Corner wines, fresh salmon served with beans, dill potato mash and a rosemary and lemon butter. Dessert? Of course! We enjoyed a cold summer berry pudding in the Kitchen Hut whilst a storm with bright lightening raged outside.

Find out what I got up to on Day Two here. My Day Three sea kayaking adventures are coming soon!

TRIP NOTES What: Roaring 40˚s Kayaking Where: South West Hobart, Tasmania Australia 7004 When: All year round Cost: See packages here Gear: Pack only the essentials, download the free packing guide here Phone: International +61 455 949 777 | Within Australia 0455 949 777 Email: Website:

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Big thank you to the team at Anaconda for my kayaking gear!