Jetlag is not fun – for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you fly first or coach, it’s the same for everyone. Those ‘been hit by a truck’ feels, your fuzzy brain, speaking slowly and basically, not functioning like a normal human are some of the side effects of jet lag. My worst jetlag experience was when Jase and I flew from Iceland to London to Dubai to Brisbane, and then we had to drive two hours north to the Sunshine Coast, which is where we live. We collapsed onto our bed as soon as we opened our front door and didn’t wake up until 4pm in the afternoon. Great.

To help cure your woes the next time you travel abroad, here are 10 quick ways to cure jet lag.

ADAPT TO THE LOCAL TIME One of the quickest ways to beat jet lag is to adapt to the local time, and stick to it. If you arrive at 5am, no matter how tired you are, stay awake for the entire day; I guarantee you’ll have the best nights sleep and wake up the next day feeling fresh as.

EAT HEALTHY When you’re feeling jet lagged, throwing down a burger, a pizza and a hot dog is not a great idea. All that sugar and bad fats will make you feel even worse. My best advice is to eat as healthily as you can; salads, fresh meats, cheese, vegetables and unprocessed foods will be your best friend.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER Flying long haul does not to wonders on your hydration, and it’s even worse when you’re jet lagged. So make sure you drink plenty of water. Avoid coffee. Tea is ok, but it’s needs to be organic such as a nice aromatic chai.

GET OUTSIDE Beat that jet lag by getting outside and into the fresh air. Exposing yourself to daylight will help accustom your body to new time habits quicker. Whether it’s grabbing a bite to eat, going for a brisk walk or hitting the high street for some retail therapy, being outside will make you feel so much better.

AVOID ALCOHOL AND CAFFEINE As I mentioned earlier, do not drink caffeine. This will not help your jet lag; in fact, it’ll throw you into a spin. Some people feel good if they drink a glass of wine or two before bed to help them relax. Personally, I would avoid alcohol as it’s super toxic and it really won’t help the combat against jet lag.

DO WHAT YOU WANT I’ve found in my experience, the best way to beat jey lag is not to put yourself under any pressure and simply do want you want. If you feel like relaxing on the couch all day watching tv, do it. If you feel like exploring for the day, do it. The less pressure you put yourself under to do as little or as much as you can, the better you will feel.

HAVE AN AROMATIC BATH I love a bath more than anyone else I know, so one of the ways I cure jet lag is to run a herbal bath. I love to use a lavender essential oil as it’s calming and very relaxing. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.

EXERCISE For me, this is the most obvious way to combat jet lag. It doesn’t have to be an intensive session; a brisk beach walk, a leisurely hike, a swim in the ocean, a pilates class or a quick run are the best ways to fuel your energy and smash jet lag.

TAKE A NAP Yes, this might contradict my advice above about not sleeping during the day but a short 20 minute nap will do wonders. You just need to make sure you don’t sleep longer than 20 minutes otherwise you will head into REM sleep. What’s that, you ask? It’s a much deeper sleep than a quick nap, and therefore you’ll often or not find you sleep longer and feel even more rubbish when you wake up.

KEEP SNACKING One great way of curing jet lag is to snack throughout the day to keep your metabolism working and your energy levels up. I highly recommend nuts, fresh fruit and raw vegetables. Yum.