If you have been following my adventures on Snapchat (you can find me at ‘misterweekender’) then you’ll know I’ve recently been road tripping around Tasmania in Australia. Starting in Launceston and making our way down the east coast towards Hobart, on this particular trip we decided to do a little island hopping and jumped on the short 15 minute ferry over to Bruny Island. Known for its rich history and wild nature, Bruny Island is a haven for wildlife – soaring sea eagles, pods of dolphins, cute echidnas and wallabies rustling in the heathlands are a few of the local friends you’ll meet along the way. It’s also perfect for a road trip with many beautiful places to pull the car over and enjoy a picnic, including Dennes Point, Cape Bruny Lighthouse and Cloudy Bay.

But did you know Bruny Island is also famous for its delicious gourmet produce? From succulent oysters, artisan cheeses, locally grown wine and wood-fired bread, there is something for everyone to indulge in. Before I give too much away, read on to find out how you can spend 24 hours on Bruny Island.

Bruny Island Tasmania


As soon as you drive off the ferry, there are two places you need to stop for a bite to eat before you do anything else. The same could be said in reverse, when you’re leaving the island. Just make sure your ferry arrival or departure is well timed around lunch.

Firstly, drive from Roberts Point south towards Great Bay. Here you will find the very famous Get Shucked Oyster Farm – it even has a drive through for punters wanting to get their oysters on the run. I highly recommend ordering a dozen of the natural oysters with fresh lemon wedges followed by a dozen of the Kilpatrick oysters, with a glass of pinot noir. Of course.

Don’t fill up too much because just a short drive down the road is the Bruny Island Cheese Company. The first thing you need to do is join in on the cheese tasting. After learning about the cheese made at the farm, as well as sampling the cheeses, I highly recommend ordering the ploughman’s platter and enjoy in the warm, toasty atmosphere. There are plenty of seats outside, but when it’s cold, you want to get a table inside amongst everything.

SEE + DO Bruny Island is made for road tripping, so once you’ve stuffed your faces (because that’s what you do on Bruny Island), I highly recommend driving north to Barnes Bay and Dennes Point.

Swing back down south and make your way across The Neck, where you absolutely need to park your car, climb the steps and enjoy the stunning views of north and south Bruny Island. This is also the perfect spot to watch sunrise.

From here I would head down south to explore Cape Bruny Lighthouse. It can get really windy so make sure you dress appropriately. On the way back, stop into have a look at Great Taylors Bay before driving to your accommodation so you can rest by a fireplace for the rest of the afternoon.

STAY Speaking of accommodation, we stayed at 100 Acre Hideaway, which is located on South Bruny, near Mount Mangana Reserve. The property is located on over 100 acres of rainforest, bush and meadows, overlooking the beautiful Great Cloudy Bay.

There are two private cottages, each both private and serene, and here you’ll find it very easy to relax and unwind with the magnificent panoramic views. I think what I liked most about these cottages was that it’s very easy to see and do as little, or as much, as you’d like.

Our cottage had an outdoor wooden hot tub (incredible) and a fireplace, so as we were quite full from eating, we simply enjoyed our night relaxing by the fireplace and reading. The following morning we were treated to a breakfast hamper, which is provided with the booking so it was nice not to have to worry about finding somewhere to eat for breakfast.

After leaving our little retreat, we had one last place we wanted to explore before we had to jump back on the ferry. Heading north east, we made our way to Adventure Bay to take a look at the gorgeous Adventure Bay Beach. It’s so pretty on this side of the island and if we had more time, we easily could have spent the day there. Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania

Bruny Island Tasmania

Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Tasmania