Budget airlines such as Jetstar and EasyJet cater to discerning travellers who want to arrive at their destination without breaking the budget. These travellers are in charge of their extras and decide when they want to pay for additional services such as baggage, meals and entertainment. So what if the same applied to hotels?

I recently stumbled across an undeniably brilliant idea. It’s a similar concept as the budget airlines aforementioned but for boutique budget hotels.

Boutique budget hotels are popping up all around the world offering low rates which allow you to pay for extras such as wi-fi, air conditioning and amenities.

I know what you’re thinking, “how can these hotels offer a boutique experience?”

The answer is simple. Rooms are small but the interior is extremely well designed with furnishings resplendent of a high standard boutique hotel. The beds are luxuriously comfortable, the showers are first class and the overall design is sleek.

It’s apparent there are a lot of travellers looking for affordable boutique accommodation that is both stylish and special. So who is tapping into this unique hotel market?

1. Tune Hotels Tune Hotels offering is simple. They offer a great night’s sleep at a great price. All of the Tune hotels feature space efficient, streamlined rooms focusing on high quality basics including 5 star beds and power showers.

2. Motel One Under the motto “Great design for little money”, Motel One successfully combines the concept of the low budget and designer hotel offering with first class city locations. High service standards, contemporary rooms and good design are the distinctive features of this hotel chain.

3. Chic and Basic The Chic and Basic philosophy is unpretentious. The offer gorgeous hotels and apartments in the best locations in Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam at very attractive prices. Chic and basic, this hotel offering allows guests to cherry pick their extras.

4. Moxy Hotels The Swedish are undeniably the godfathers of design. Coupled with one of the largest hotel chains in the world, and you have a boutique budget hotel match made in heaven. Yes, the Marriott Hotel group has joined forces with IKEA to create the Moxy Hotels chain. Opening soon in London, Milan, Berlin and Frankfurt, Moxy Hotels has the potency of style, innovation and tech-savvyness surrounding it - and the power of Marriott behind it.