I am officially on my honeymoon! It feels like I have been dreaming about this holiday for so long. And planning, for so long. Last year I didn’t get to travel overseas as much as I would normally like –building our house, having a baby, growing my business and saving for a month-long honeymoon in Europe has kept my feet firmly planted on the ground in Australia.

But here we are, sitting at Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal and I can’t help but pinch myself. There is something magical about this airport and I think it’s to do with the high ceilings, huge windows flooding the space with natural light, luscious indoor plants, and really (really) good shops, cafés and restaurants.

Arriving at the airport with Jason and Dusty, checking-in, clearing customs and picking up our in-flight essentials has made me realise I actually have a routine I like to follow when I fly out of Brisbane Airport. And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what that is, so read on to find out.


1.     For this trip, my parents organised a private car to pick us up from home on the Sunshine Coast and take us down to Brisbane International Terminal. It was a little honeymoon gift and certainly made us feel like rock stars! We usually drive down from the Sunshine Coast and park in the Long-Term Parking section at the airport. Upon arrival, we checked-in and went over to News Travels to grab our in-flight essentials – eye masks, water, ear plugs and adaptors. I love this part as it means I am getting on a plane - woo hoo!

2.     As soon as I’ve cleared Customs, I like to make my way through JR Duty Free and pick up a bottle of Tequila - it’s become our little ritual. Jason and I love margaritas (we even served them at our wedding!) and really enjoy making them when we travel. We mostly stay in Airbnb’s so that helps.

3.     I then like to meander over to MAC to buy some lip moisturiser for the flight. It’s a little treat to me and because of the long haul flight ahead, I like to keep my skin hydrated.

4.     Following this, I like to stop into R.M. Williams for a look around. It’s my favourite Australian brand and whilst I didn’t pick up anything this time, I always like to check out the Akubra’s. They are my favourite hat and mum gave me one few years ago, which I cherish.

5.     After looking at the Akubra’s I usually meet Jason (who’s been walking around with Dusty in the Bjorn) at Billabong. This time I bought a bikini top, so stay tuned on Instagram as you’ll see the bikini top in action.

6.     You can take the Aussie out of Australia, but you can’t take Australia out of the Aussie. We always take Vegemite overseas when we travel as we’ve found that a lot of breakfast options (in Europe particularly) are quite sweet, and we each don’t have a big sweet tooth. We always end up craving something savoury – like Vegemite. So, we picked up a tube of Vegemite (not the glass jar in case it breaks in transit) from Australian Way.


7.     Going overseas is the perfect excuse to pick up a pair of sunglasses, and I always make my way over to Sunglass Hut to see the latest styles. The Mui Mui styles are stunning!

8.     By this point, Dusty is getting a bit hungry and we’re shopped out, so we head over to our favourite restaurant to grab a bite to eat – Brisbane River Grill. We love the paddock to plate style food here and find that there are lots of healthy options to choose from. It’s also super relaxing and we love sitting in the cosy bench seats with Dusty in between us. We’re usually super excited by this point!


9.     Finally, we like to walk around the airport as much as possible before making our way down the terminal to board our flight. We know we won’t have that luxury on our two long haul flights and because this is Dusty’s first international flight, we want to wear him out a little before we get on the plane. Because of this we headed to the The Village Green, which is a green patch of carpet situated in the middle of the centre of the International Terminal. It's a great spot for kids to run/crawl around and wear themselves out. The more energy he burns before we get on the plan, the more he'll sleep on the flight and the happier he’ll be when we arrive at our destination. And the less tired well be. Wish us luck! 



I have proudly collaborated with BNE Airport Corporation for this blog post