Constantly coming up with engaging content is not easy. It takes creative thinking, research,  inspiration and time – a few things that many bloggers don’t have the luxury of every day. To me there is nothing worse than staring blankly at my laptop racking my brain for ideas; ask any blogger and they will admit that a blogging rut can strike at anytime. Not ideal! So how can you overcome this? Whatever you blog about, whether it its fashion, lifestyle, DIY, beauty, travel or food (to name just a few), I thought I would share 67 blog post ideas that you can use for your own blog. Some may hit the spot, whilst others may serve purely as inspiration to craft your next blog. So don’t waste any more time in your blogging rut. Get your notebook out and start jotting down your favourite ideas, which you can use!

Blog Post Ideas for a Blogging Rut

1. Share your favourite blogs and websites 2. Interview someone who inspires your blog 3. Beauty tips you’ve learned from your friend/sister/mother 4. Show your readers your workspace 5. Links you’re loving 6. Show your readers what your favourite cooking utensils are 7. Create tips on how to plan the perfect party 8. Share your favourite cook books 9. Make a list of your favourite books 10. Share your favourite Instagram accounts to follow 11. Write a bucket list 12. What it’s like to be a blogger 13. Create a How To post 14. Tips for new bloggers 15. Share how you created your blog 16. Blog about your favourite recipe when you don’t feel like cooking 17. Review your favourite make-up products 18. Beauty/Travel/Fashion essentials 19. Create tips on how to create the perfect holiday itinerary 20. Write a beginners guide to a skill you know really well! 21. How To instructions for that little black dress you recently DIY’d 22. Make a road trip playlist on SoundCloud 23. Interview other bloggers in your niche 24. Show your readers what’s in your handbag 25. Write a tutorial about something you know really well, like how to do a smoky eye! 26. A weekend recap 27. Create tips on how to plan the perfect InstaMeet 28. List your blogging mistakes 29. Share your make-up tips 30. Make a list of your favourite podcasts 31. Share you best solo travel tips 32. Create tips on how to be more productive 33. Start a series of posts documenting a home interior/renovation project 34. If you make money from blogging, tell your readers how 35. Write a quick travel guide to a destination you’ve recently visited 36. Share a travel diary of your favourite photos from a recent trip 37. Lessons learned from being your own boss 38. Create tips to maintain work life balance 39. Share your favourite paleo snacks and recipes 40. List your tips for having a great road trip with friends 41. Write seasonal gift guides 42. Show you readers what you keep on your desk 43. Tips for creating successful YouTube videos 44. Create a post about wardrobe basics 45. Share your workout routine 46. Show your readers how they can DIY something 47. Write a list of your top favourite 10 things to do in your city 48. Create tips about being happy 49. Make a printable wallpaper, To Do List or calendar for you readers 50. Share your hair care tips 51. List your blogging mistakes 52. Share your blogging resources – your photographer, web developer, graphic designer, inspiration websites 53. Make a list of what you pack in your carry on luggage 54. Write a seasonal trends post 55. Share you tips for healthy eating on your travels 56. Tips for up-do hairstyles 57. Write a list of your favourite day trips 58. Share your tips for being a blogger on Twitter 59. Host an FAQ blog post requesting your readers to ask you questions 60. Everyone loves to craft over the holidays, so write about ways to have a crafternoon 61. Lessons learned from being a blogger 62. Share a DIY beauty trick 63. Write down a list of your daily rituals which may help your readers 64. Share your tips for creating a Facebook Group as a blogger 65. List your tips for stopping procrastination 66. Share a list of your favourite healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner 67. Write a list of your favourite day hikes

Do you think you can use any of these blog post ideas? Which ones serve as inspiration? If you have more suggestions, I’d love you to share them in the comments below!

BONUS TIP: I’ve learned to note down ideas as they spring up in my mind. When I am on the run I use the Notes app on my mobile phone to quickly jot down my ideas. I’ll then transfer these ideas to a spreadsheet on my laptop, which I refer to when I start planning my content or experience a blogging rut.