My friend recently embarked on the trip of a lifetime – a month travelling through Mexico and the United States with a group of friends. What an adventure! However, a few days after he returned home he noticed some of his friends were suffering from post holiday blues. And you can’t blame them. From sipping Pina coladas by the beach in Cancun, to cruising around Tulum on motorbikes to partying well into the night in Los Angeles and hiking mountains in Yosemite, it’s absolutely no surprise to me that some of his friends are feeling a bit sad now they're back home.

But whilst we know this feeling exists, even Wikipedia recognises #thosefeels, no one tells us how we can actually deal with it once the routine of regular life kicks back in. Until now! Delving deep into my own experiences and people I’ve met on my travels, I’ve come up with 22 ways to beat post holiday blues.

22 ways to beat post holiday blues

1. PLAN ANOTHER HOLIDAY One of the most successful ways to beat post holiday blues is to plan another holiday. Yup, it’s that simple! Distract your blues wby researching destinations and planning your next ultimate vaycay.

2. PLAN WEEKEND GETAWAYS Obviously we all can’t afford the leave or time to go on back to back holidays. But what you can do is start organising weekend getaways and day trips to fuel your wanderlust.

3. GET OUT OF YOUR BUBBLE When we return from a holiday we’re all guilty of falling into our daily routines very quickly – work, family, friends, activities. And usually that means doing the same thing every weekend. Um, boring. Stop having brunch at the same café, stop surfing at the same beach, stop going for the same run along the coast. Get out of your weekend bubble and go exploring!

4. GET CREATIVE There’s nothing worse than coming home from a holiday with a mounting credit card bill from having too much fun whilst you were away. So whilst you’re busy paying the debt back, get your creative juices flowing. Whether it’s painting the back deck, joining a pottery class, or learning how use Photoshop, these are some creative ways to distract yourself from the post holiday blues.

5. RESET YOUR GOALS Everyone always comes back from a holiday feeling refreshed and motivated, so capitalise that by resetting your goals for the year and achieving them!

6. LEARN SOMETHING NEW Travelling broadens your perspective so why not broaden your skillset by learning something new when you get home? Learn a new language, learn to surf, learn to bake – whatever it is, go learn something!

7. DO WHAT YOU LOVE Coming home refreshed from a holiday is also the perfect opportunity to ask yourself – are you really doing what you love? If not, quit your job and do whatever you need to do to make sure you start doing what you love.

8. ENJOY NATURE There is nothing like beating the holiday blues than enjoying nature. Organise monthly hikes with friends and soon you’ll be forgetting the blues!

9. BUY INDOOR PLANTS Indoor plants not only look good and bring a home to life, they also clean and purify the air by removing chemicals, such as formaldehyde. So beat your post holiday blues with a few potted Peace Lilies (my favourite), Boston Ferns and Rubber Plants.

10. LIVE WITH LESS Get rid of the blues and give back. Travel makes you appreciate how lucky we are, so why not take my 28 Day Living With Less Challenge? Week One looks at de-cluttering your wardrobe and giving the clothes you no longer need or wear to charity.

11. SWITCH OFF Beat the blues and start living in the present by switching off from technology. Switch your phone off when you go to bed and leave it outside. Your bedroom is meant for three things – relaxation, sleep and romance (wink wink).

12. EXERCISE Exercise increases endorphins and makes us healthy and happy. Now that a lethal combination to combat the holiday blues. So start training four times a week and feel your smile return.

13. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH INSPIRING PEOPLE Do you know someone who is always negative and constantly pulls you down? Well, travel brings perspective into our lives and with that, it makes us take a look at who we really should be spending our time with. So to beat the post holiday blues by surrounding yourself with inspiring, likeminded people.

14. MEDITATE Calm that post holiday angst by meditating.

15. BE SOCIAL Don’t sit at home feeling depressed and upset. Round up your friends and organise a day trip or a BBQ. Being social and surrounding yourself with your loved ones is the quickest way to forget about that holiday you were just on!

16. HOST A DINNER PARTY Trying to forget about your recent holiday isn’t going to help beat any sadness – but reliving it will! Invite your friends over for a dinner party and cook up food that you enjoyed on your holiday. Have a Mexican Fiesta, or a Thai banquet!

17. WATCH SOMETHING FUNNY Laughter is the best medicine, so if you’re stuck inside on a rainy day watch a few funny movies. Or why don’t you Google “The best celebrity ugly cries of all time” – trust me. Many lols.

18. BE A TOURIST You know, you can actually be a tourist in your own country. So on your next day off, pop on your tourist hat and explore the city you live in. There is always something new to discover.

19. TAKE PHOTOS Holidays are the perfect time to get snap happy, but that shouldn’t have to stop when you get home. Start snapping in your own city!

20. VOLUNTEER Travel makes us appreciate how good we have it in our own homes. So give back and do some volunteering. You could also work towards volunteering abroad!

21. START A NEW PROJECT Whether it’s a new side hustle, the start of a blog or offering to walk your neighbours dogs, starting a new project will keep you occupied.

22. PAMPER YOURSELF Feeling sad when you come home from an incredible holiday is not at all fun. So why don’t you paper yourself? Book a two hour massage and let those holiday blues simply melt away.