One of my goals this year was to learn how to photograph stars. Unfortunately I had no idea how I was going to make this happen so I began by researching online; I watched countless tutorials, I read lots of blogs, I asked photographers for tips on Instagram and experimented with my camera. However I kept arriving at the same crossroad; it didn’t matter how many tutorials I watched, how many blogs I read, which photographers I asked and how many times I tinkered with my camera, everything was too technical for me. What I needed was a no fuss guide written specifically for beginners like me.

It wasn’t until I found myself in New Zealand earlier this year that I was able to learn how to photograph stars. On a whim, I decided to fly to Lake Wanaka to attend their first Instameet. It was here I met two incredibly talented photographers – Shaun Jeffers and Brent Purcell – who suggested I and several other novice photographers (including my friend Lisa from The Wandering Lens whose photography is stunning)  join them to shoot the dancing Aurora, which by pure luck would be shining bright that very evening.

Since that night a few months ago, I have been posting a few photos of my own astrophotography on Instagram and have been receiving positive feedback as well as comments from readers asking for beginner tips. Armed with my own astro journey and experiences, and hearing from other photographers who have also been struggling, I have written an Astrophotography Guide For Beginners.

But first, let me preface this guide with a little disclaimer. I am by no means an expert, in fact I still find myself scratching my head in confusion when I photograph stars. But what I’ve learned it’s that by having the basics sorted, I am able to experiment by trial and error.

This guide is specific to the equipment, apps and techniques I use to photograph stars. If you have any questions about equipment, apps, techniques or the process, please feel free to comment below. If I can’t answer your questions, I will ask Shaun or Brent for you.

So how can you get your hands on the free guide? That's simple! All you need to do is sign up to receive it. Just click the 'Subscribe' button on the top right side of this web page and follow the prompts. The guide will be delivered straight into your Inbox. Enjoy!