Visitors, tourists and adventurists are spoilt for choice when booking accommodation in San Francisco. There is literally so much to choose from, no matter the budget. Personally, I prefer to stay in small, boutique hotels, lodges and cabins with minimalist design (aka a Scandinavian influence). Not fussy at all, huh? I’m not, I promise!

Although when I want to spoil myself, these are just a few key elements I look for in accommodation, in addition to price and location. I also know finding boutique accommodation isn’t overly easy to come across. And that’s what I love about them. They’re more underground than your standard hotel in a city.

And this is where I step in.

Hotel G San Francisco

Do you like the sound of the above? If so, you will fall instantly in love with Hotel G. Located one block from trendy Union Square in central San Francisco, Hotel G is a stylish 12-story hotel. Built in 1908, the hotel was formerly known as The Fielding Hotel offering 112 rooms on eight floors.

It didn’t take long for the luxury hotel to earn it’s name as a popular choice for guests visiting from out of town, and became known for its drive-up garage service, coffee shop, cocktail lounge, and free television and radio in all rooms. Over time, the hotel saw jazz musicians, boxers, and travelling salesman walk through its doors and it quickly became the hotel of choice.

Fast forward to today, the hotel recently received an extensive two year renovation where it was restored in it entirety and now boasts 151 luxury rooms with a focus on preserving the hotels historic features. Combined with a relaxed minimalist design, it’s a dream come true for someone, like me, who prefers staying somewhere special. You’ll see, just take a look at my photos below. I doubt you’ll need any convincing.

TRIP NOTES What: Hotel G Where: 386 Geary Street, San Francisco CA 94102 United States Phone: +1 877 828 4478 Email: Website: Tip: Ask for a corner room for sweeping views of the city How I got there: I flew with United Airlines direct from Sydney then caught a shuttle (one of the many) from the airport, which cost me $21 USD.

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