There is nothing like getting serious bang for your buck when booking a holiday. So here are some of my top tips to ensure you get the most out your accommodation. Research, Research, Research Research pays off. As soon as you start planning a weekender, create a folder in your email account and start filing away anything of interest you come across during your online travels. There is so much information to absorb online and compiling all your research into the one place can really help.

Get Comparing Stay loyal to your bank account, not to the same accommodation comparison website you always go back to as it probably isn't giving you the best rate. I've recently come across Kayak so I would recommend starting here, and then make your way over to Trivago. And remember to refresh your cache and cookies. Travel booking websites are known for increasing rates the more times you perform the same search from the one IPS address. Nasty!

Try Travel Rentals I've had numerous friends travel to Los Angeles, Berlin, Florence and New York these last few months and all have booked tip top accommodation via travel rental website Airbnb. The concept is simple, rent unique spaces from people - not hotels - all around the world. With affordable prices, you have the option of staying at an array of apartments, rooms, tree houses and boats in over 192 countries.

Book Blind If you really want to save some money on your accommodation you can always book blind by only choosing your location and price. Only after paying for your accommodation are you then told where you'll be staying. Both and Travelocity have these options and you can save an average of 30% off your total booking. I've had a friend do this once and the hotel they were given was old and run down, however it was cheap. So I guess that's the risk you take!

Mix Up The Days Forget starting your weekender on a Friday. You can save money on accommodation if you take Monday off and enjoy your weekender over Saturday and Sunday nights.

Get e-Savvy Often or not the best accommodation deals are those spoken about online and launched via e-newsletters. Perfect for those who are time poor and unable to spend hours researching the best accommodation deals, get e-savvy and sign up to as many travel booking websites as you can, including, and This is the fastest way to be alerted on accommodation sales.

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